Welcome To CEO LTZ

Own some cool art. Help build an Empire.


Design 10K Individual Boss B*tch NFTs via 900+ Unique Traits. Drawing Inspiration from Anime and Pop Culture Satire.


Map out an Original and Detailed Roadmap. Then Build an Authentic Community via a Total of 0 Paid Influencers.


Utilize Earnings to Create ICONIC Events + Acquire Mansions. Grant Free Access to CEO Owners + Reward Owners & Give to Charity.


What if you could receive Lifetime Free entry to Playboy Mansion Style Parties and NFT Conventions, be gifted Complimentary Merch, and have a 1 in 10 Chance Each Year to Compete in an Exclusive Competition for $1+ Million Dollars?! Oh… And Earn UNLIMITED Passive Income on all the success!

Yea… We’d join too. And that’s why we’re building this!



Before we go any further on Utility.. Let’s just get 1 thing straight… WE ACTUALLY LIKE ART. So many people have gotten avaricious and are just putting out copy cat art with copy cat utility (then calling it Kopy Kitten Klub) just to make a quick buck. It’s getting out of hand & these projects will Come and Go.

But for CEO LTZ; 1. As our name implies: We are here to Run a Business. And that means no pump and dump. Becoming the next BAYC/ RTFKT is the dream. So we’re in it for the long haul! 2. This Art + IP is just too epic to ditch. It’s evergreen. And we like the idea of passive income for life, plus making an impact on the World. 3. We actually LOVE the creative process! Even at our current infant stage of the journey, we hope you see that part speaks for Itself. 

Regardless of utility, our aim is to deliver truly exhilarating & alluring pieces of art that’s a treasure to possess. Near One Piece Status.


1 in 10 Odds of Winning an NFT Golden Ticket to Compete for $1,000,000

1,000 CEO Owners will be sent Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets and compete in a Metaverse Game: Ready Player One style.

From there, The Number 1 Victor will receive $250,000 and the Top 100 Finalists will move on to compete in a Real Life “Alternative Olympics” Style Competition held in Los Angeles, California by Spring ’23, which will be called: The NFT Games.

Think of this part of the competition like if Squid Games & Hunger Games had a baby, but it didn’t kill people. 

And just to stir things up…100 Influencers will be put into the mix, competing with OR alongside our finalists.

Then in true “Insert Next Spinoff Here” Games fashion; there will only be 1 Victor. And that person will receive $1,000,000. And if they turn out to be an Influencer, they’ll have to donate it all to Charity!

The Games will also feature other various entertainment & all CEO LTZ Owners will receive Free Admission.

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  • We’re CEOs… We should probably form a Corporation ☑
  • 10k of the Finest NFT Ladies You’ve Ever Seen 🥵 Generated ☑
  • Socials and Website Up and Running ☑



  • Nurture our Community with Education via Simple Breakdowns mixed with Games 🍼🐣
  • Allow Hustlers the Opportunity to Climb the Corporate Ladder in order to Receive Perks🪜🧗🏻



  • Triple Down on Top Marketing Tactics + Host Community Cosplay Contests
  • Massive Press Release to Confirm: Sponsors, Partners, Influencers, & Charity Alliances 
  • Whitelists and Pre Reserves Implemented



  • Launch Sometime in Fall of ’22
  • Sell Out. Without Being Sell Outs… (That’s a double entendre) 
  • Payback BAYC Moms



  • Within 1 Week of Mint: All NFT Placeholders will Vanish & CEOs Revealed
  • 1000 Golden Tickets will be Airdropped upon LTZ reaching $10M in Total Volume
  • All Tickets may be resold, but will be burned 1 Month after drop. Owners must register prior to compete in $1M Competition



  • Oculus VR Headsets & Limited Edition Hoodies Mailed to the Final 1000 Ticket Holders 
  • Those 1000 Individuals will compete this Winter in the Metaverse for $50k- $250k in Prizes
  • The Top 100 Finalists will be Entered into a 2nd Competition for $1,000,000 called The NFT Games



  • The NFT Games 🦑🎳 will be held LIVE in Los Angeles by Spring of 2023 for the $1M
  • 100 Contestants will compete for $1M amongst 100 Influencers
  • All CEO Shareholders will receive Free Entry via NFT ticket. And can sell it as well 
  • 50% of the Events Proceeds will be split amongst NFT Holders. The other 50% will go to charity



  • A Victor Will Be 👑 Crowned “CEO Of The Year” & Receive $1,000,000 + VIP at all Events for 1 Year
  • In the Case an Influencer Wins, they Must Donate the $1M to a Charity on our approved Roster
  • Planning will Begin for Next Years NFT Games & Prizes DOUBLED. The Only Way to Play: Own a CEO



  • By this phase CEO LTZ will have Utilized it’s Games, Influencers, & Market Cap to Obtain: Ape Status
  • Leveraging this Success, LTZ will Expand it’s Infrastructure via HUGE Partnerships & Acquisitions
  • We’ll also Implement a 10K Design Clothing Line. So let’s say a CEO#7 Hat Sells, the Owner will be airdropped tokens



  • As if the previous 9 Phases weren’t Exciting enough.. This is where things get Next Level Crazy:
  • Once CEO LTZ hit’s a $1B Mkt Cap We Will Begin Playing Monopoly; Acquiring $1M+ Properties
  • The Properties will Incl. Estates, which will be Converted into “SoHo House Meets Playboy Mansions”
  • As well as Commercial Properties: To be Utilized as Restaurants, Clubs, & Rental Venues
  • And 10% of All Net Profits Will Go To Various Charities
  • Aside from The NFT Games, CEO LTZ will also Host an NFT Convention Once a Year
  • And just like the Games, commercial events net profit will be distibuted to our Shareholders
  • Also if you have high enough % ownership you may reserve mansions/ venues free. (Only pay operations cost)
  • All Owners will be Granted Free Access to all Our Private Events + Receive Discounts at Venues 🍱🥂



  • The Easiest Big Picture Goal that we’ll get out the way is Male CEOs in the Workforce👨‍💼🎨
  • Transposing all our Designs into 3D Models is also within the cards (And a card game)
  • Intertwining our Brand with Video Games & Film Licensing (Via Same Royalty Distribution as Apparel)
  • And raising our payout to a $10M Grand Prize for our IRL Competition + Adding On a Musical Festival
  • Lastly, We Envision a Day when We Team w/ Next Gen VR to Build a REAL Ready Player One Experience


Click TO Unlock your answers

At some date in fall of 2022.

With a minimal chance of postponement & ONLY if for reasons where it would benefit the project and business to delay. 

All forms of sales and pre reserves will occur in the same way: ONLY on this site, via the very top button that currently reads "Minting Fall ‘22". Ps- If you see that title change then that's your queue to jump on it! However the only way to guarantee a spot is if you can get placed on our whitelist. Otherwise, you may have to purchase it on a secondary marketplace, post-mint, such as OpenSea.

Yes, we will allow at least 2 to be minted. Possibly more but we're not telling! 😛

Somewhere between 0-100 ETH 🤪

10% - And for the first year: 100% of Royalty Earnings Go Back Into The Business

Well.. if greed is what creates a rug pull. Then I'd say the greed to stick this out and see our project 100x far Supersedes a quick flip. I mean after all, we're not doing some stupid pyramid scheme "earn 10000% APY" thing. And we're not over here pitching to build a metaverse or solve aging. We're simply using the money to throw epic events & buy mansions like it's Monopoly. Out of all the challenges to turn down.. Building the next Playboy Mansion doesn't exactly un-motivate us. 😂

And just imagine working so freaking hard creating a collection with 900+ Traits + having an A+ Idea + Gaining Momentum with Virality... All just to run away when we've made it to the fun part. 🥴 Just not logical.

Kinda? I mean.. saying we'd make an NFT Collection with closer to 1k traits was also ambitious. But we did that. And that's just because we specialize in art. The same way we specialize in Event Production and Real Estate. Personally.. I think most of us would find it's more realistic to organize a bunch of people in a venue or through an already built video game VS trying to create our own reality.

The infrastructure is already there. We're simply just raising money and putting all the pieces together.

You can achieve whitelist status by joining our Discord and Twitter and then staying active within the Community, Participating in Contests, Volunteering at our Company, and referring legit friends to the project!

1000 community members will be able to achieve WL. And if presale is a go, 1000 community members will be able to mint. In each scenario, every member will be able to secure up to 2 CEOs.

For Updates on both please follow and check back consistently with our Twitter & Discord.

ETH via ERC721 Contract

Web3 Pioneers, Rival NFT Creators, Culture Gatekeepers, Charities, Major Real Estate Estate Brokerages, Event Producers, Hotels~Restaurants~ & Theme Parks, Top Consultants, and Celebrities/ Influencers who are looking to make an impact. (And not just a quick stack)

Far from it. #1. We will host these competitions annually. And only CEO owners are entered into the raffle. So even if you don't compete for $1M this year. Then maybe in 4 years you'll get your 1 in 10 shot, and the Grand Prize will be up to $10M. #2. Just buy holding on to your CEO for 1 year, there's a fair chance you'll make back your ROI via passive income. Because when our company makes money, you make money. #3. You'll receive access to so many benefits as if you were a Hilton Honors Member! This includes everything from attending Mansion Parties for Free to dining at a future "invite only" CEO House. (Total Soho House knock off. Great idea, right?) Plus the fact that we'll actually reach out to every business and their mom for a collab! So we can offer discounts & freebies for our members. That's right we're coming for you Hilton & Soho House! 😈 #4 Don't even get me started on licensing... Clothes, Shows, and Video Game H03$! 🥵 (Sorry.. We like to rhyme around here)

So yea, it might be worth holding on to a CEO.

Fame and Glory 

Lolz. But actually your merch will sell more, which means more money for you Player 456! 😉

And your Socials going up will help for Paid Bookings & Brand Endorsement Deals.

And on our end, we'll get you and your guests VIP access to all of our events for the Year.

Glad you asked! The order goes:

  • Background
  • Background Prop
  • Body
  • Mouth
  • Eyes
  • Face Accessory
  • Hair
  • Outfit
  • Hand Accessory
  • Head Accessory
  • Foreground

And there will be over 600 that make up the general collection. And over 200 that make up the RARE 1 of 1s.

Keep in mind this will be a Giant Part of our Operations. We feel rocking a hot girl on you is the future! ✨

So we'll be looking to sell more than just digital print shirts. It will be a range of apparel and random brand collabs, like Supreme has.

We'll integrate the shop into this site for now; but if we receive enough requests to display separate then we'll do so.

And it’ll go live in 2023,  after we wrap up The NFT Games.

Never Miss An Update

(Critical for Whitelist & Pre Reserve Notifications)

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